American International Psychosocial Institution

Material facilities

Material facilities

The American Institute of International Psychosocial Institutions is a branch of the American International Psychosocial Institution.

Located at Cong Huu Building 209/21B Ton That Thuyet, Ward 3, District 4.

With the development orientation to become a leading provider of psychosocial services, we are constantly innovating and improving service quality.


The Institute’s facilities are increasingly being improved with modern rooms that bring a safe, friendly and professional space.

Beloved forest

Beloved forest the place provides a cool, spacious and comfortable space. Catering for group activities, art therapy…

Myth of love

Myth of Love with a friendly green space that gives customers a feeling of warmth and safety. Suitable for individual family and couples therapy activities.



In general, one of the strengths of the Institute is to focus on investing in facilities to best meet the needs of customers, ensuring satisfaction about the reputation and quality of services. The above factors contribute to the formation of a dynamic, modern, professional working environment, bearing the typical culture of a Psychological Institute.

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