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Joining AIPI SUMMER CAMP summer camp, what will you get?
AIPI Summer Camp is a safe, respectful, understanding and loving environment for campers. After participating in the Camp, returning home, children will learn those core values from the Camp and continue to maintain them in daily life. In addition, Camp also helps children become independent, build confidence, ready to learn new things. AIPI Summer Camp also helps children understand themselves, discover their inner potentials, increase their resilience to overcome difficulties in life, and plan for the future. And most of all, help your children get away from technology, connect with nature and experience moments of peace.

During the summer camp, can parents visit and observe their children participating in activities?

To ensure privacy, respect the confidentiality of information and images of campers, and organize uninterrupted activities, AIPI encourages parents to monitor their children’s photos and videos through Facebook closed groups are updated by AIPI during the Summer Camp program. AIPI will send the Facebook closed group link directly to parents via email before the program date.

Can campers use laptops, cell phones to contact their families?

AIPI Summer Camp is a technology-free summer camp, activities are designed to minimize the use of technology to bring peaceful experiences, explore new living environments, and increase social interaction. Therefore, laptops and mobile phones are not used when children participate in activities at AIPI summer camp. However, in case of need, parents can connect with their children through our hotline number. Hotline: 0932 70 19 19 (the hotline is staffed 24/24).

What do campers need to prepare when participating in camp?

Before the day of the Summer Camp program, AIPI will send to parents and campers a list of necessary items to bring when going to the Camp. Parents monitor and support their children in preparing the items fully and correctly according to the requirements of the program to bring the best experience for their children.

Who are summer camp staff?

Our summer camp staff is a team with many years of experience in organizing Camps according to international standards. The team includes psychosocial specialists, operations team, medical team, logistics team and care staff. All are thoroughly trained and selected. The camp is designed according to the golden ratio 1: 4 ie 1 staff –  4 campers to help campers participate in activities SAFELY – UNDERSTAND – ACCEPT – RESPECT.

Is the camp safe or not?

AIPI Summer Camp always puts the safety of campers first. AIPI has a team of Health, staff and psychosocial experts to ensure the physical and mental safety of campers. Besides, the camp space is absolutely safe and private. In addition, campers will be insured and the Institute always works on the principle of protecting children’s rights.

Where is the meeting point?
The meeting place is at the Office of the American International Institute of Social Psychology (AIPI).
Address: Cong Huu Building, 209/21B Ton That Thuyet, Ward 3, District 4, HCMC.
Parents, please take your children to this address to gather and move in groups to the camp area. The Institute has a medical team to check the health of all campers before moving.

How is your child’s eating and sleeping during the Camp?

=> For meals: campers will be provided with 5 meals/day (including 3 main meals and 2 snacks). With a diverse menu and designed by nutritionists, campers always have enough energy to function. Food is provided by the restaurant and ensures food safety and hygiene.

=> For sleeping. Campers will stay in groups in the rooms of the ecotourism area. Male and female campers will have separate accommodation arrangements. Each camper will have a bed (private bedroom) to ensure privacy. Besides, there are also staff on duty to monitor and support when needed in the room 24/24.


How are camp activities?

The Camp Program is designed with age-appropriate 5 days and 4 nights to maximize a child-oriented play and learning experience. AIPI Summer Camp includes a wide range of activities such as fine arts crafts, team building, performing arts, science creation, discovery, life skills, social skills, entertainment, water games, outdoor sports…

The programs and activities of the Camp are carefully researched and designed according to international standards by psycho-social experts with many years of experience in organizing camps and working with children. Activities are organized under the theme of the year and this year is the theme Be Happy – How to be happy.

“BE HAPPY” is simply BE YOU (understanding yourself) – BE BRAVE (Courage to change) – BE KIND (being kind to yourself, people and nature) and BE ACTIVE (Action for things). nice and grateful life).

Activities are designed in the form of fun, experience and learning. Camp staff act as facilitators, facilitators and campers as self-discoverers to gain new experiences, knowledge and skills through activities. At AIPI summer camp, we help campers realize that the simple things in life make us happy.

What do I need to do after registration?

After registering, AIPI will contact parents to confirm registration and provide parents with information on what to prepare for their children before participating in the camp.


Details please contact:

☎ 0932 70 19 19



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