American International Psychosocial Institution (AIPI)


Bà Nguyễn Thị Út Em - Chủ tịch tập đoàn Quốc Tế Mỹ, Chủ tịch hội đồng AIPI

The psychosocial support model for students and families that we have experienced working with students over the years has been remarkably effective. It can be said that this is a comprehensive support model to help students and families face and overcome challenges before the pressures in life, and facilitate their learning and development.

With the desire to create conditions for students of schools to access services in a dedicated and humane way, we built the Institute of Social Psychology to welcome and support children, young people, families families in the most comprehensive way possible, to reduce unwanted impacts and improve immediate problems, to create opportunities for children to study and develop in the most favorable way, to prepare into life, becoming useful citizens contributing to the future social development.

In addition, we want to build and develop a team and support network of Psychosocial support through training courses, professional training and practice to create more and more opportunities for children and families. service access.

Sometimes just one chance to be heard and shared is enough to change a child's future."

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